What others say

Here’s what other people have said about our frameworks, services and working with us.

What clients have said about our Understanding & Managing Yourself courses

It’s like a friend in the background

Pace and length are good. Made me intrigued and want to learn.

You have taken personal development to another level, outside the boxes

It’s absolutely brilliant. Genius very impressive and very compelling

It's absolutely FANTASTIC! Totally different from anything I've seen before and massively engaging

What clients have said about our independent coaches

“The coach combines great insight with creativity. She is a tremendous coach, mentor and business solutions leader, and is able to enable clients to generate superb outcomes. I was consistently impressed by her business sense and focus. She is also great fun to work with!” HR Director at a major international media company for Europe

“What worked for me was the insight I gained about the underlying reasons for some of my deeply ingrained attitudes and behavioural patterns. In terms of helping me to understand what I could do to change for the better it was not so much holding up a mirror but more like an MRI scan! I have personal development plan now that has real substance and grounding.” Managing Director, Service Design, at a UK telecommunications company

"I cannot overestimate the positive effect my coach has had, both as a personal and professional level. She has helped me make the most of my strengths and better understand my weaknesses. The impact has been profound and proven invaluable. I have learnt an incredible amount in a very short period time and hope this is but the start of a long and productive relationship” A Global Brand Director at a global beverage company

“When it comes to personal coaching I was a somewhat reticent volunteer but the reality changed my view. What Deborah offered was a disarmingly convivial approach, but underpinned by a wholly professional methodology and the self-analysis that results is liberating." A former Chief of Defence

'Working with my coach was inspirational - she fizzes with enthusiasm and creativity. She has penetrating insight and if it is real change you are after she won't let you off the hook.' Client Managing Director at a major UK insurance company