We’re a Whole of Life Leadership Company

Our purpose is to help you to be the Best Possible Leader, so you can better enable success & wellbeing

How we do it

How we help you to be the Best Possible Leader (BPL)

Through our BPL Cycle , BPL Capabilities Analytics Framework and Blended Services, we help you to be the Best Possible Leader you can be.

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Living in VUCA times

Living in VUCA times

There are endless opportunities in life when you take control and think differently.

We are living in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) times, what feels like unprecedented change and an unrelenting pace of life. Many people, leaders, organisations and governments are struggling.

However, there are many opportunities for you to thrive in and shape this environment, and design & build the future, when you take control, think differently and self-manage.

Living in VUCA times

Blockers that can stop us from reaching our potential and living life to the full

Personal & External ConstraintsTM

In life, there can be many factors that get in the way of each of us reaching our potential and living the fullest and most satisfying life possible. We call them Personal & External Constraints. View some examples. If we don’t find ways to address or circumvent them, we can limit our potential in life & career.


Unintentional Poor LeadershipTM

We all strive to do our best and be happy. Unfortunately, we can all too easily suffer from what we call ‘Unintentional Poor Leadership’, which can be leadership of ourselves, others and organisations. View some examples. Unintentional Poor Leadership has a great ability to hide itself from the person in question. If left unchecked, it can derail us.


In order to thrive, we need to identify and use our Personal & External EnablersTM (factors that enable us to achieve success & wellbeing), address our Personal & External ConstraintsTM and limit Unintentional Poor LeadershipTM. This is what our services help you do.

Increasing your success & wellbeing

We’re focused on your success & wellbeing.

From evidence-based research and our work with super-successful Directors, Military Generals and Olympic Champions we have analysed what it takes to be super-successful and have wellbeing and crunched the analysis down into a framework.

Success & wellbeing are very personal and there is no ‘one secret formula’ or just ‘one thing’ that will help you achieve them. However, there are common elements and these are included in our framework and services.

Increasing your success & wellbeing

The Best Possible Leader you can be

Our purpose is to help you to be the Best Possible Leader you can be.

All our services are built around this mission. They help you to:

  • Define the success & wellbeing you would like, and are willing and able to work towards
  • Identify and manage your Personal & External EnablersTM to help you achieve your success & wellbeing
  • Identify and address/circumvent your Personal & External ConstraintsTM that could get in the way of your success & wellbeing, and limit any Unintentional Poor LeadershipTM
The best possible leader of your life & career

Who our services are for

We are a company built around helping our customers to be the Best Possible Leaders of themselves, others, organisations and the wider community.

We work with lots of different people who do lots of varied things in life & Career – CEOs, Olympians, organisational leaders, managers, professionals, self-employed, students, and parents.

People who engage with us don’t want an ordinary life, they want an extraordinary life for themselves and others. They want to get the most out of life, and be effective at managing their success & wellbeing in the good and tough times.

Who our services are for

Our services

All our services are centred around helping you to be the Best Possible Leader, so you can achieve your success & wellbeing, and help your stakeholders achieve theirs.

Life & Career Strategy

Our strategy services help you to define the success & wellbeing you want, and how you want to contribute to the success & wellbeing of others, your organisation and the wider community in your different roles.

Understanding & Managing Yourself

We can help you to develop heightened self-awareness and valuable self-management skills, which aid you to achieve your success & wellbeing and contribute to that of others.

Tailored Coaching

We offer tailored coaching to help you with specific areas in your life & career in order to better achieve success & wellbeing.

Success & Wellbeing Accelerators

Learn and develop key skills that can help accelerate your success & wellbeing.

We are focused on you

We give you personalised attention; we are here for you.

Our agenda is to help you define what success is for you, challenge you about how willing you are to put in the effort, and support you whilst you make the right effort on the right actions.

We can help you to get the most from your employment, education and personal life.

As things change in your personal and professional life, we are always there for you.

Focused on You

Our customers

Who they are

Our customers want to live the fullest and most satisfying lives possible. They range from people at school to those in their later years. They are from countries all across the world and come from many different backgrounds. They share a passion for life and wanting to make a difference. They believe in and value lifelong learning, kindness, diversity, respect, ethics, innovation, collaboration and giving back.

They are ambitious and deliver massive value

They have big audacious goals for their personal lives and careers. Many want to lead the worlds' top organisations and governments; some are. Some want to and some are building start-ups to tackle some of the world's big problems. Many others want to get to the top of their game – be it in the world of sports, music, film, and more. For others, they want to be the best they can be in the different roles they play at home and work. They constantly find solutions to problems and add vast amounts of value to organisations and society. People want them on their team and in their lives! It’s not all about work, they want to make sure they live each aspect of their life to the full, but they know there will be personal sacrifices in order to achieve some of their goals.

They 'walk the talk'

They strive to improve their lives and the lives of those around them - locally, nationally and globally. They are incredible role models.

They invest in themselves and others

They want to make sure they are equipped with the most up-to-date capabilities, skills and knowledge by investing in themselves. They don’t just rely on others investing in them. They are continuously learning and developing, and practising their skills in new and innovative ways. They surround themselves with the best people to help them improve each aspect of their lives. They always do what they can to help develop others. They really want to create the best version of themselves.

They achieve amazing things

They take total control of their lives and achieve amazing things. They don’t mind failing because it’s part of the course. They develop their resilience to help them bounce back from failures and setbacks. They know their success and happiness is their responsibility and no one else's.

Why they’re with maximy

maximy provides them with the information, tools and coaching to be the Best Possible Leaders they can be. This helps them to more effectively achieve their goals. They also rely on maximy to support them when things aren't going so well and when they are at crossroads. maximy helps them to be the best they can be and to live the fullest and most satisfying lives possible.

Combined expertise

maximy is a new company, but it’s combined with Human Systems (business psychologists) Ltd, which has over 25 years of experience in leadership development. We also have over 500 highly qualified independent coaches.

3 global awards

Created and delivered over 8,000 leadership workshops

Created and led over 1,000 Assessment and Development Centres

Over 500,000 coaching hours of experience

120 books and 100s of academic articles

Getting the most out of life

Our services are totally focused on your success and wellbeing.

The whole point is that you are more likely to end up where you want to, that you have enjoyed the journey, that you’ve helped the people you’ve met, brought up, socialised with and managed, and that you’ve left the world in a better place than you found it.

Getting the most out of life

maximy your life

You’ve got one shot at life. maximy it!

Examples of Personal & External Constraints

Examples of them include: not having the necessary skills and knowledge, lack of funds to invest in ourselves, self-limiting beliefs, low self-confidence, being around people who don’t support us, lack of promotional opportunities, etc.

Examples of Unintentional Poor Leadership

Examples include: cognitive biases and thinking errors; unchecked beliefs and assumptions; hubris; lack of self-regulation; neglecting our emotional, mental and physical health; cognitive overload; engaging in wilful blindness; becoming victims of groupthink; fearing ‘career-limiting moves’; having reactionary mindsets; not walking the talk; and not speaking truth to power.

  • Have I clearly defined what success & wellbeing mean to me, and how I want to contribute to the success & wellbeing of others, my organisation and the wider community?
  • Am I doing the most effective things to enable my success & wellbeing, and support the success & wellbeing of others, my organisation, and the wider community?
  • Where might I be unintentionally / unconsciously constraining the success & wellbeing of myself, others, my organisation and the wider community?
  • What do I need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing?