Why Maximy?

We know that you have a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to leadership development. Here are some reasons why you might like to work with us.

We understand that success is not about one thing, you can’t sustain success on one ticket, be that ticket intelligence, your personality, your network or even your skills. Sustained success has holistic inputs. Furthermore, no-one is perfect. A lot of very successful people have gaps, but they know what enablers to leverage. Our co-founder, Deborah Tom, worked with 11 different Olympic teams and they know how to work with the whole person: their emotional state, nutrition, rest, training, feedback, focus and enablers that can lead them to be the world’s best. Our services cover a wide and holistic exploration. We help you identify what enablers you have to leverage to achieve success in your own way.

We are independent, neutral; we are here for you.

We only reveal and nourish what is in you. We don’t put on sticky plasters, we don’t pop on a trendy, thing-of-the-moment hat or moustache, or drill in the ‘essentials’ of a complex skill in half a day; to us that is a sham of an education. We dig up, cultivate, nourish what is in you already. That is the job of a true educator, a true developer of people.

We offer you a structure: it is logical, it flows, builds into a whole. This is not only in the structure of our services but the whole support network we offer you: a community of fellow travellers and coaches.

Innovative tools will help give you structure and ideas: you will have leading-edge thought-leadership and creativity to support you achieve your dreams.

We have experience: we’ve created personal and leadership development programmes that have won global awards, coached FTSE 100 board directors, senior partners in consulting firms, military Chiefs, Generals and Admirals and, worked with 11 Olympic teams. We understand the issues, the challenges and have created solutions that work.

World-class support is offered to you: access to some of the world’s best coaches; we have over 500 accredited coaches in 66 countries, speaking 49 languages. Your next level of success can be secured with this team behind you.