Understanding & Managing Yourself

Understanding & managing yourself is the absolute core of success, wellbeing & positive impact. Gaining self-awareness is a life’s task. Without self-awareness and self-regulation, hopes and plans are built on quicksand.

We have created an Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme, which is an in-depth, cohesive and cogent educational programme, which centres around building your life & career strategy (your ‘control centre’), whilst gaining self-insight and learning techniques to manage and address your enablers and constraints in order to achieve your goals and improve your performance on projects and tasks at work and in your personal life. Many aspects of the programme have been taught to top business leaders and Olympians.

Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme

Click on each of the numbered circles to find out about each course. Each course is delivered online and we recommend that they are supported with coaching.


Understanding & Managing Your Knowledge, Skills & Capabilities

What do you know? What can you do? How sure are you that you are going to be relevant and in demand in the future? This course has been built to help you answer these questions, and you will leave it feeling sure, assured, and with a plan.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Be absolutely clear about what you can do – your capabilities and skills
  • Own what you don’t yet know or do
  • Be able to readily talk about your knowledge and skills with others
  • Gauge your proficiency levels in your chosen field of work
  • Have a plan of development that inspires you
  • Be better ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Understanding & Managing Your Mental & Emotional Health, Physical Health and Habits

In order to live a truly successful and happy life, it’s key that you proactively manage your physical and mental health. Success and happiness are much harder if your body and mind can’t effectively function.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Create an overall picture of your physical and mental health through our Overall Health Record template. Creating this picture involves a lot of self-assessment and speaking to numerous health professionals
  • Understand different ways to proactively manage your health
  • Understand the latest psychological research on how habits are formed, broken and new ones form
  • Use techniques that will help you break old unwanted habits
  • Create inspiring health goals
  • Learn the process of creating new habits that will enable you to meet your health goals.

Understanding & Managing Your Personality

Personality is the characteristic way each of us thinks, feels, and behaves. This includes the rational and irrational, the conscious and unconscious and learned behaviour patterns.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Better understand your personality so that you can best manage yourself according to the situation you are in
  • Gain greater awareness of how your personality influences your behaviour (and the impact this might have on others and your reputation)
  • Know your vulnerabilities in terms of your personality and how to manage yourself to contribute well and create a great reputation.

Understanding & Managing Your Intelligences

The world of understanding intelligence has moved on a lot in the last 10 years and we bring you right up to date with contemporary views on intelligence. This is important because you will be making judgements on others, and they on you. We help you gain a wider view of your intelligence beyond IQ tests and exam results.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Have a better understanding of your different intelligences so you don’t feel boxed in to one idea of intelligence
  • Understand which key intelligences you have to leverage in order to gain more success
  • Steer your development around the intelligences you would like to develop or explore
  • Know where to put yourself in order to shine.

Understanding & Managing Your Interests, Passions and Motivations

We help you to become crystal clear about what interests you, what you are passionate about and what motivates you, and demotivates you. These are the building blocks of making great choices in your life and career.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Be able to make great choices by bringing your passions, front of mind
  • Energize yourself, give yourself a buzz, by negotiating more of what you are really interested in, into your life and career
  • Know what to say yes to, what to say no to, and thus will be able to take the right opportunities
  • Identify patterns you might have missed about the kind of work/activities you would really enjoy (and therefore probably excel in)
  • Live with more wisdom, knowing when to follow your passions and when to check in with reason.

Understanding & Managing Your Beliefs, Values, Attitudes, Mindsets and Attributions

Many of our beliefs, values, attitudes, mindsets and attributions are in our subconscious. If we don’t bring them into our consciousness, they can really get in the way of our success and happiness.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Find out and articulate what you value and what you believe
  • Identify what attitudes and mindsets you hold, and how they shape your behaviour
  • Discover what attributions you make of others and how that shapes your relationships
  • Gain control over what was before, unconsciously steering you, so to give you more choice about what affects you
  • Become certain about your core values and what you stand for
  • Better manage your beliefs, attitudes, mindsets and attributions, so to help achieve your goals.

Understanding & Managing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing and playing to your strengths helps you to excel in life & career. It’s also key to identify your critical weakness that could scupper your success and happiness.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Identify your strengths in a way that you will feel very secure with the results – and you will remember them, which helps of course, in using them consistently
  • Know the difference between what you can do but drains you, and what you can do that energises you
  • Isolate your super-strengths, your signature strengths, and when to play them
  • Face your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and generate a plan so that they do not scupper you
  • Plan how and where to leverage your strengths to succeed more easily.

Understanding & Managing Your Self-Concepts

How much faith you have in yourself, how much you think you can do, how much impact you think you can have, how much worth you think you have and how well you treat yourself: these are your self-concepts.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Finesse your understanding of self-concepts, so that you can identify what exactly are your enablers and your constraints
  • Understand your current self-concept levels
  • Learn how to improve your self-concepts to help you reach your goals
  • Know which levers to pull, so to empower you at critical times.

Reflecting On & Defining Your Success & Wellbeing

This course gives you the foundation from which to thrive. In it, you define what you want, and create your strategies and plans. The work you do here feeds into your personal ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Control Centre’. This acts as your ‘control centre’ and compass, from which to manage your success & wellbeing. It’s the fundamental reference to gain insight, plan, and make great decisions.

The course guides you through four steps.

  • Step 1: An in-depth, whole of life, self-analysis about your success & wellbeing to date. This helps you to think about what has shaped and influenced your ideas of success & wellbeing, what you are happy with, what’s enabling and constraining you, and what needs addressing.
  • Step 2: You initially define the success & wellbeing you want going forward, through defining your purpose and goals. You then explore what is needed to achieve your purpose and goals.
  • Step 3: You define your strategies and plans to achieve: identifying the enablers that could help you achieve, and the constraints that could get in the way and need addressing/circumventing.
  • Step 4: Complete your ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Control Centre’. It helps you to manage your success & wellbeing. It’s a living document.

The other 9 courses of the programme feed into your ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Control Centre’.

Defining & Managing Your Personal Brand

Having a personal brand is as important as your organisation or team having a brand. It is about explaining to people who you are, and what you can offer. It is about being honest, so that people know, at a deep and holistic level, what they will get and experience when engaging with you. It is also about helping people find you if they are looking for someone just like you!

It is also about understanding and managing your reputation, so that you can correct any misperceptions that could prevent you from achieving your life & career goals.

The ability to define your personal brand comes from a deep understanding of yourself, which covering all the other courses brings you.

Through this course, we help you to:

  • Understand what personal branding is about and what it involves
  • Have the confidence to define your personal brand
  • Be able to articulate what you offer others
  • Know how to manage your personal brand and reputation
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition.

What you get by the end of the programme

Have your ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Control Centre’, which includes your life & career strategy and plans, together with detailed insight from your personal analytics. It helps you to manage your success, wellbeing & positive impact over the course of your life.

Your identified Personal & External Enablers to help you achieve your success, wellbeing & positive impact. You have tools to help you strengthen and manage your enablers.

Greater clarity around your Personal & External Constraints that could be getting in the way of you achieving success, wellbeing & positive impact. Tools to help you address / manage / circumvent the constraints. Increased ability to spot whether you are falling prey to Unintentional Poor Leadership and have some tools to address it.

A lot of insights to share, if you want, with others, which can help your and other people’s development. What you learn through the programme can be built upon over the course of your life.

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Gain perspective of what great looks like, and decide what you need to learn, do, be and have in order to be successful and gain wellbeing.
  • Use Personal Analytics and your ‘control centre’ to gain insight, plan ahead, record and manage all the things that science shows will affect your success and wellbeing. Have a framework that helps you to not only achieve your long-term goals, but everyday goals, projects and tasks.
  • Be able to see many more opportunities for yourself and others than you can at the moment. Know your strengths and be confident in them. Face-up to obstacles, threats and work through how you will win.
  • Gain confidence, lessen your anxiety, know how to regain self-esteem after setbacks and appreciate what you need to do to keep yourself and others motivated and focused, and be rid of limiting or over-optimistic, irrational or unrealistic beliefs.
  • Be aware of, and manage, the impact you have on others and your image.
  • Be able to better engage with, manage and lead others.
  • Have a framework to review yourself against and ask the big question “Am I being the best possible leader of my life & career?”, which then helps you to identify where to focus.

Options for you

The whole Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme

If you really want to get the most from your life & career and get ahead, we recommend that you do the full programme, which consists of access to 10 online courses, over the course of a year, with coaching support.
Please contact us, and we will be in touch to arrange a call to discuss your requirements, and outline options and prices.

Individual Courses and Coaching

If you prefer, you can do the courses of the programme individually, supported by coaching.
Please contact us, and we will be in touch to arrange a call to discuss your requirements, and outline options and prices.