Who we are

We are a whole-of-life leadership and transformation company. We help individuals, families, teams, groups and organisations to define and realise their success & wellbeing.

Our story

The idea of maximy was devised by Deborah Tom and Rob Frost in April 2015. They both noticed that many people weren’t realising their potential and many leaders were unintentionally falling prey to common human frailties, which were costly to individuals, organisations and the wider community. Calling upon their combined experience and expertise, they devised a way of making top leadership training more accessible, so that individuals would be more likely to achieve success & wellbeing and help others achieve theirs, in a moral and sustainable way.

In February 2016, Deborah and Rob began working on the company full-time and through using evidence-based research from multiple fields and their own research and expertise they built the framework, content and tools of the company’s services. The company launched in June 2018.

Our purpose and ambition

Our purpose is to support people, at all levels, to be the Best Possible Leaders they can be, so they can better enable success & wellbeing.

Our ambition is to make leadership development, at all levels, visible and accessible.

Our values

First and foremost, when we engage with a customer, we care. We care about our customers’ success and wellbeing.

Our ethos is to "walk our talk" on our values of C.A.R.E.


We dare to be different, edgy even, to get people engaged, motivated, inspired.


We are thought leaders, have a wealth of experience, have academic rigour and are involved with professional associations so that you can make informed decisions.


We stay on the case until we reach the results you want.


We are good to work with, people enjoy being with us. Clients feel more focused, confident & committed after working with us.