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There is a great deal of confusion and many misconceptions about intelligence. The idea of IQ has led to a domineering, one-dimensional view of intelligence, where people think of themselves and others as either intelligent or not intelligent. This narrow view can limit diversity and crush people’s belief in themselves.

More and more research is pointing to a broadened, multifaced view of intelligence. This is much more empowering and motivating. There is also a growing belief that general intelligence (also called g factor or cognitive intelligence) is something that AI will be very good at. As a result, the other intelligences are likely to rise in importance.

Ways to understand & manage your intelligences

We offer various ways to help you understand & manage your different intelligences.

Online content and coaching

Through our Understanding & Managing Your Personality Course and supported with 121 coaching, we help you to:

  • Have a better understanding of your different intelligences, so you don’t feel boxed in to one idea of intelligence
  • Understand which key intelligences you have to leverage in order to gain more success
  • Steer your development around the intelligences you would like to develop or explore
  • Know where to put yourself in order to shine.
Living in VUCA times

Some questions for you

Spend a few moments thinking about the questions below. Our course will support you to reflect on, answer and address these questions.

  • Did you know that in psychology we now think there are between 5-12 core intelligences, all of which matter in today’s working world? Or are you still stuck on a narrow view of cognitive and emotional intelligence?
  • Could you be in danger of over-rating your intelligence because you are just looking at your cognitive (IQ), old exam results, general knowledge and EQ?
  • Are you underestimating yourself (and letting others underestimate you) by boxing yourself into narrow definitions of intelligence?
  • How well are you developing your creativity and cultural intelligence: known to be two of the most vital intelligences if you want to remain relevant for the future?
  • What might you be missing if you do not assess your team’s intelligence from a wider, evidence-based, modern approach to intelligence?

Find out more

You can do our Understanding & Managing Your Intelligences Course as part of the Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme, or you can do it on its own.

Please contact us to find out more about the course, 121 coaching and prices.

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Tailored Coaching

Instead of doing our online course, you may just prefer to have 121 coaching tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be in touch.

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