Understanding & Managing Your
Mental, Emotional and Physical
Health, and Habits

The level of our health – our mental, emotional and physical health – is the singular most important factor in whether or not we enjoy our life. Yet, so many of us try to ignore our health as we pursue work goals.

Our health can’t be outsourced. It’s key that we understand our mental, emotional and physical health and know what factors cause positive and negative changes in them, so we can more proactively manage them. We also have a responsibility to know how we positively and negatively impact the health of others.

A key part of improving our health is to identify habits that serve us well and to replace habits that aren’t. This requires learning techniques to create new habits and break old ones.

Ways to understand & manage your health and habits

We offer various ways to help you understand & manage your mental & emotional health, physical health and habits.

Online content and coaching

Through our Understanding & Managing Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health, and Habits Course and supported with 121 coaching, we help you to:

  • Create an overall picture of your physical and mental health through our Overall Health Record template. Creating this picture involves a lot of self-assessment and speaking to numerous health professionals
  • Understand different ways to proactively manage your health
  • Understand the latest psychological research on how habits are formed, broken and new ones form
  • Use techniques that will help you break old unwanted habits
  • Create inspiring health goals
  • Learn the process of creating new habits that will enable you to meet your health goals.
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Some questions for you

Spend a few moments thinking about the questions below. Our course will support you to reflect on, answer and address these questions.

  • To what extent do you feel full of vitality and joy?
  • How well do you understand all the factors that contribute to your mental health? Are you equipped to manage them?
  • How far do you allow yourself to feel emotions? How well do you pause to connect with the people you deal with at home and work, emotionally?
  • To what extent are you taking your body for granted, not giving it the best nutrition, rest, sleep? What is the natural course of events in this movie…?
  • How much of your best energy is still there for your partner, your family and friends and community once your work is over at the end of the day or week?
  • Amid the plethora of conflicting advice, how much have you crystallised to use as your key health indicators?
  • What bad habits have you gotten into and what new habits would you like to form?
  • What do you know about forming habits (there is solid new science around it)?

Find out more

You can do our Understanding & Managing Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health, and Habits Course as part of the Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme, or you can do it on its own.

Please contact us to find out more about the course, 121 coaching and prices.

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Tailored Coaching

Instead of doing our online course, you may just prefer to have 121 coaching tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be in touch.

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