Why Maximy?

We know that you have a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to leadership development of your people. We’ve outlined some reasons why you might like to work with us.

Some reasons why you may want to engage with us

We understand that success is not about one thing, you can’t sustain success on one ticket, be that ticket the intelligence of your people, their values, their personality, their skills or their networks. Sustained success has holistic inputs. Furthermore, no-one is perfect. A lot of very successful people have gaps, but they know what enablers to leverage. Our services cover a wide holistic exploration. We help your people know what enablers they have to leverage to achieve success in their own way.

We abide by professional standards. Our co-founder was a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Manager; Certified Management Consultant; Master Accredited Executive Coach (AC); Fellow of the CIPD, BPS & RSM; and NLP Master.

We nourish what is in your people already. We don’t put on sticky plasters, we don’t pop on a trendy, thing-of-the-moment hat or moustache, or drill in the ‘essentials’ of a complex skill in half a day; to us, that is a sham of an education. We dig up, cultivate, nourish what is in them already. That is the job of a true educator, a true developer of people.

Our level of care is second to none. You will feel it. We hire on attitude and values. We will befriend you and stand with you, on your journey.

We offer you a structure: it is logical, it flows, and builds into a whole. This is not only in the structure of our services but the whole support network we offer you: a community of fellow travellers and coaches.

Elements of our services have been tried and tested by very senior leaders, and they have won awards. This work fits c-suite level people, but leaders at all levels can engage with the service offering because we have structured them to be accessible.

Combined expertise

Maximy is a young company, but it’s combined with Human Systems (business psychologists) Ltd, which has over 25 years of experience leadership development. We also have over 500 highly qualified independent coaches.

Here is a little taste of what we have done:

  • Created more than 40 competency models
  • Worked with over 20 top teams to create their strategy, values, purpose, vision, mission and plans
  • Created and delivered over 8,000 workshops
  • Created and led over 1,000 Assessment and Development Centres.

Our clients whom we have served over the years

We have worked with Olympic teams, military generals, directors at many of the world’s biggest and leading companies, and 1000s of individuals.

Focused on you and your people

You have aspirations for your company. You want to help your people achieve, develop and be well. And, it is tough to accomplish.

You are living in austere times, so you face pressures on costs. Your people are busier than ever, so you have resistance to giving them anything other than a quick fix. Fast interventions are appealing if you are a servant to the business requests, but your professional training knows they need more substance.

We created Maximy to help make your life easier. Our services help develop the fundamentals that are needed for individuals and organisations to thrive in VUCA times. Due to delivery pressures, many individuals and organisations just ignore the fundamentals because they think they are ‘common sense’ and don’t have to be learnt. The great problem is that the people who think they know themselves and can manage themselves and other people, are the ones who are the least self-aware and become unintentionally poor managers and leaders, which is extremely costly in monetary and non-monetary terms to individuals and organisations. It’s also very difficult to get people to think strategically and design & build the future when they don’t know how to change their mindsets so that they can see things from a different perspective.

Our services offer you a modern solution: blended-learning offering a robust solution; flexible, scalable and priced to be accessible even to your emerging leaders, not just the elite few. We can equip a critical mass of leaders for the journey ahead.

We exist to serve your best interests, to be there for you, to be people you can turn to. We’ve collaborated with our 500+ network of associates to engage them on our mission. Your leaders’ next level of success & wellbeing can be secured with this team behind them working together on our new L&D framework.