Understanding & Managing Yourself

Understanding & managing yourself is the absolute core to success, wellbeing & positive impact, both for individuals and organisations. Gaining self-awareness is a life’s task. Without self-awareness and self-regulation, hopes and plans are built on quicksand. It’s very difficult to effectively manage others and organisations without them.

We have created an Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme (UMS), which is an in-depth, cohesive and cogent educational programme, which centres around building an individual’s life & career strategy (their ‘control centre’), whilst gaining self-insight and learning techniques to manage and address their enablers and constraints in order to achieve their goals and improve their performance on projects and tasks at work and in their personal life. It’s the foundational work to help them become great leaders.

Understanding & Managing Yourself Programme

Click on each of the numbered circles to discover about each course of the programme. Each course is delivered online and we recommend that they are supported by either 1-2-1 or group coaching.


Understanding & Managing Your Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities

This course will give your leader solid back-up on why they are confident and why they can be trusted because it takes a novel route to understanding their knowledge, skills and capabilities and gives a valuable way to chart their future success, even in a chaotic and changing world.

Understanding & Managing Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health, and Habits

This course is of massive importance. There is so much contradictory and changing information about what to do to improve and maintain health that it can overwhelm people and switch them off. We've crystallised leading national advice into key health indicators so that people feel empowered to realise their health aims.

Understanding & Managing Your Personality & Character

This course, again, will bring the leader up-to-date with leading-edge science from the best academics in the world on what personality is, how it is formed and how you can change it. We introduce innovative ways they can understand and manage their personalities.

Understanding & Managing Your Intelligences

This course will bring the leader out of the 18C, 19C, 20C – and into 2018, on what intelligence is. The course helps them to measure and improve/develop their different intelligences.

Understanding & Managing Your Interests, Passions and Motivations

This course gets rid of nonsense talked about motivations, gives the leader up-to-date science on the subject and wise counsel on how to stay motivated but not motivated by the wrong things.

Understanding & Managing Your Beliefs, Values, Attitudes, Mindsets and Attributions

This course gives clarity to very muddy subjects. It aids the individual to uncover some of their unconscious beliefs, attitudes and attributes, and shows them how to create an enabling mindset for today and tomorrow’s world. It has a special, powerful, idiographic way of finding their values and challenging themselves to live them, daily.

Understanding & Managing Your Strengths

This course introduces a unique phenomenological approach to finding their ’natural strengths’, own their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and a potent way of managing/developing them.

Understanding & Managing Your Self-Concepts

This course covers the difference between self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-compassion and locus of control – and why it matters; how they are formed; how to acquire them and manage them.

Reflecting On & Defining Your Success & Wellbeing

This course gives your people the foundation from which they will thrive. In it, they define what they want, and create their strategies and plans. It is built around the ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Framework’. The work they do here feeds into their personal ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Control Centre’.This acts as their ‘control centre’ and compass; plus, their Personal Analytics. It’s the fundamental reference to gain insight, plan, and make great decisions.

Defining & Managing Your Personal Brand

This course helps the leader own how they land on others. It helps them manage their reputation with integrity and feel comfortable and assured when presenting their value proposition. It will enable them to generate followership.

What your people get by the end of the programme

Have their ‘mySuccess & Wellbeing Control Centre’, which includes their life & career strategy and plans, together with detailed insight from their personal analytics. It helps them to manage their success, wellbeing & positive impact.

Their identified Personal & External Enablers to help them achieve their success, wellbeing & positive impact and that of their organisation.

Greater clarity around their Personal & External Constraints that could be getting in the way of them and their organisation achieving success, wellbeing & positive impact. Tools to help them address / manage / circumvent the constraints.

A great deal of insight to share with others, which can help the organisation and individuals grow and develop. What they learn through the programme can be built upon over the course of their lives.

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Gain perspective of what great looks like, and decide what they need to learn, do, be and have in order to be successful and gain wellbeing.
  • Use Personal Analytics and their ‘control centre’ to gain insight, plan ahead, record and manage all the things that science shows will affect their success and wellbeing. Have a framework that helps them to not only achieve their long-term goals, but everyday goals, projects and tasks.
  • Be able to see many more opportunities for themselves and others than they can at the moment. Know their strengths and be confident in them. Face-up to obstacles, threats and work through how they will win.
  • Gain confidence, lessen their anxiety, know how to regain self-esteem after setbacks and appreciate what they need to do to keep themselves and their teams motivated and focused, and be rid of limiting or over-optimistic, irrational or unrealistic beliefs.
  • Be aware of, and manage, the impact they have on others, their image and the leadership reputation within the business.
  • Be able to better engage with, manage and lead others
  • Have a framework to review themselves against and ask the big question “Am I being the best possible leader of myself, others and the organisation?”, which then helps them to identify where to focus.

Options for you and your people

The whole programme

Do all the 10 online courses over the course of 6 months to a year, supported by 12 to 20 hours of coaching.

Individual courses and coaching

It is possible to pick off individual online courses. We would suggest these are also supplemented with the use of a coach (3 hours per individual course) or a 1 or 2 day workshop per course, in groups.

Delivered offline

Where they do not want to do the online courses, UMS can be delivered in two different ways:

  • One-on-one. A coach can lead them through the courses.
  • In groups. A series of 10 x 1 or 2 day workshops can be delivered around the topics of UMS.

During and post UMS events

We can encourage an esprit de corps around the learning through workshops. The delegates can share their collective learning, challenges, successes and ideas. They will come together to make the learning vivid and in role-plays embody the learning, receiving constructive feedback and feedforward.

Customised UMS

Should you wish particular messages or emphasis to be seen in UMS, we will co-create with you the best way of customising the main programme to meet the needs of your ecosystem.

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