Customer story:

Customer experience and culture change

The situation

The client needed to inspire all employees with a vision that they could buy into and create a culture where customers felt special and exceptionally well cared for.

It was a respected brand, but the customer experience was unremarkable.
Employees were passionate about the product but were hiding that passion.
Educated employees were not sharing their knowledge and experiences.

The solution

A blended approach of reflective practices done 121 with a coach, then group sharing and facilitated ‘sense-making’ and envisioning.

The entire board went through individual personal purpose, values and vision work and then did so collectively.
A cross-section of the staff did the same. The results sat alongside each other, and we facilitated ‘sense-making’.
A collaborative culture-change + customer-service training designed by staff and senior leaders with inputs from our team.

The result

The entire workforce pulled together, united in one clear direction and passion to embody their values and mission.

The board and staff mutually agreed the purpose, vision, values and desired culture, plus the obstacles and ways around them.
We led a cross-section of the organisation – from top to bottom, to design a week-long course for all staff and all leaders.
Leaders and staff gave each other feedback amounting to 36,000 conversations about the values daily.


“The board workshop was a moving experience in so many ways. We now have a strategy and training programme the likes of which this company has never seen – thanks to Deborah’s inspiring coaching.” Former Managing Director of a major UK book retailer