Customer story:

Culture change

The situation

The client had more outlets than any other business in the UK (1,300); thus a very dispersed and disconnected workforce. They needed to unite to create a brand and customer experience that would generate brand loyalty.

Diagnosis and Discovery stages of the design found a committed but undirected workforce.
The business had five inherited businesses and was lacking identity.

The solution

We created a programme that promoted both self-awareness and connection to others. 14,000 employees went through it.

Substantial individual pre-work, plus 3-5 day events co-presented with their staff, whom we trained.
We supported the managers with training to help them cascade the experiences.
We created games, radio shows, audios and a weekly magazine to keep momentum after the courses ended.

The result

The results achieved by the client enabled them to win a global award (CIPD Millennium for Culture Change) and eventual sale.

Their balanced scorecard showed increases of 40% median.
The CIPD hailed the self-awareness course as “the most innovative and professional programme we have seen”.
The Amethyst Programme was hailed as an industry leader.


“(They) have inspired our people to release their passion and energy in a way that is palpable. The values are lived daily, and already we are seeing the business benefit. Their work has been catalytic in our turnaround. The feedback we have received has been unbelievable and has undoubtedly had a profound effect on all of us, myself included.” Managing Director & HR Director, at a former major off-licence retail chain.