Customer Story:

Helping to achieve work-life balance through Tailored Coaching

The situation

John moved to another geography and had increased risk and responsibility to deal with in his new role. He wanted to be sure that he maintained his work-life balance whilst stepping up.

John’s view of success was to give 100% of himself at work but not to forgo family time and his sports.
There were no role models of very senior people who cornered off quality family time & wellbeing activities.
This was a role he knew he could excel in and he knew he would be pioneering a work-life balance at senior level.

The solution

With his coach, John defined what success was for him. Then they worked backwards to create goals for each aspect of his life. Together they widened the options John thought he had so that he could be agile and co-operative yet keep to his values.

The coach aided him to define his purpose, values and strengths.
They thought through how best to analyse and develop his new team.
The coach acted as challenge and support in helping John forge a new way of working that worked for everyone.

The result

He achieved outstanding results, gained the respect and admiration of his peers, direct reports and bosses. He was promoted again, very shortly afterwards.

John got the best out of his team both individually and as a team.
His team felt they were fairly treated and developed extraordinarily well.
He managed his wellbeing which enhanced his performance and resilience.


“I gained tremendous self-insight in working with Deborah. Ultimately the work with Deborah allowed me to secure a deep understanding of my core purpose and made my values more explicit. This, in turn, has allowed me to become a more authentic, and I believe a more impactful, leader.” John, President, Africa, of a global beverages company