Customer Story:

Interview practice through Tailored Coaching

The situation

The client was going for a high-profile job, which involved being interviewed by each member of the senior executive team.

This type of opportunity rarely comes along.
The company matched the client’s values and career ambitions.
A friend recommended maximy’s services.

The solution

After analysing the client’s needs, we recommended the services of a coach who was highly experienced at putting in place senior executive recruitment processes and running assessment centres.

The client practised a series of different interview questions with their coach.
The coach helped them with their story.
The client developed their compelling value proposition with their coach.

The result

The client got the job and received a great deal of praise for their interview responses.

The client increased their self-confidence during the engagement.
The client learnt some techniques for how to better understand what the different senior executives could be looking for.
The client has a great process for which to follow when interviewing for future jobs.


“I can’t speak highly enough of Tracy. She made sure I was highly prepared and I didn’t fall into interview traps. The personal investment was well worth it.”