Coach Training

Learning how to coach others is an absolutely key skill if you want your people to become great managers and leaders.

By being effective coaches, your people will better understand, engage with, build strong trust-based relationships and develop others, all of which aids them in becoming exceptional managers and leaders.

Our Coach Training will equip your people with a whole plethora of tools and techniques to assist them to get the most from your people in a positive way, and make you stand out from your competitors.

Our Coach Training

The purpose of our Coach Training is to equip your people to be world-class coaches so that they can effectively help others with their wellbeing, performance and development.

This course is accredited by AC (the Association for Coaching) at all levels: Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

The coaching journey

Our Coach Training enables your people to become Foundation Executive Coaches all the way up to Master Executive Coaches.

Certificate Programme which leads to becoming a Foundation Executive Coach


Diploma which leads to becoming an Executive Coach


Advanced Diploma which leads to becoming a Professional Executive Coach


Ongoing Mentoring which helps to becoming a Master Executive Coach


Who the Coach Training is for

Our Coach Training has been created for people with prior requisite knowledge and skills gained from a psychology degree, or management experience or HR training or prior coach training. It is not for someone with no prior experience or training in helping people broaden and augment their wellbeing, development and performance. It is aimed at:

  • Existing Senior Leaders, who want to have brilliant performance conversations and develop their team
  • Individuals who want to become senior leaders
  • Talent/HR professionals who wish to excel in their roles
  • Psychologists, wishing to develop a professional coaching capability
  • Professionally registered counsellors, wishing to develop a coaching capability
  • CPD (continuous professional development) to existing qualified coaches to help them progress to the next level.

Our expertise

Our faculty are world-leading experts – recognised authors, past presidents of coaching associations and regular keynote speakers. They are highly qualified in their discipline and/or as coaches.

Our global network of associates has expertise in all of these disciplines:

  • Psychology (clinical, positive, neuropsychology and occupational)
  • Psychometrics (we are Level A and B qualified with specific training in 30+ psychometrics)
  • Contemporary Leadership in a VUCA model
  • Existential philosophy
  • Psychodynamics
  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming, Master Trainers)
  • Clean Coaching language methodology
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Techniques)
  • ACT (Acceptance Commitment Techniques)
  • MindCalm and BodyCalm meditation and mindfulness
  • Reflexive Practice Practitioners.

What others say

The Coach Training was originally devised by our sister company, Human Systems (Business Psychologists) Ltd., and is now integrated into maximy. Read what some past delegates have said about the training.

"The Human Systems Executive Coaching Programme is a truly brilliant development opportunity. Whether you are an organisational leader looking for that extra 10% improvement in your performance or training to become a qualified Executive Coach, this course delivers. The blend of a wide and thought-provoking base of theory coupled with challenging experiential case studies makes for a learning triumph. I thoroughly recommend it."

Nic, MD, at a large defence organisation

"I would recommend this course to anyone - and have done to all my peers in banking. The course is excellent, especially the emphasis on practical and experiential coaching. Beyond this, the after-care to support accreditation is far better than any other programme provides. It is flexible to each person’s individual needs, comprehensive and the faculty are the best in business! I have learned so much from them and definitely benefited from the ongoing cpd support, which no other course I looked at even comes close to offering."

Anna, Head of Leadership & Management Development, at an investment bank

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The Certificate Programme involves:

  • Online study across 14 courses
  • 80 hours of face-to-face
  • Coach-specific training in 6 webinars, 2 away days and a 5-day event
  • 6 hours of assessed coaching
  • Exam
  • Personal Coaching Approach + Case Study + Reflexive Practice Fitness Analysis + Coaching Supervision + Client Reference + Logs.

The Diploma involves:

  • Set CPD: 30 hours min
  • Analysis of your 250 hours coaching logs
  • An away-day: case study evaluation + role-play
  • An evaluation of your live recording & transcript & analysis of transcript
  • Ethical Dilemma Q&A test
  • Evaluation of your Logs + 2 client references.

The Advanced Diploma involves:

  • Set CPD: 30 hours min
  • Analysis of your 750 hours coaching logs
  • An away-day: case study evaluation + role-play
  • An evaluation of your live recording & transcript & analysis of transcript
  • Ethical Dilemma Q&A test
  • Evaluation of your Logs + 3 client references.

Ongoing Mentoring involves:

  • We provide 1-2-1 personalised, ongoing mentoring and peer support to help you gain the experience and complete the documentation you will need to be awarded Master status.